Thursday, 31 August 2017

On the pathway to creative excellence

Learn Create Share, the critical pedagogy of the Manaiakalani programme, develops students' key skills as they work towards creative excellence.

In the workshop today we found students of 9Mn learning new skills, creating a specific product (a balance toy) and sharing their work as they progress on their individualised learning pathways.

Students were learning critical skills such as self management and planning (the use of GANT charts to plan their work), the use of tools and machinery (drill press, and welding torch for example), and their imagination, as they worked towards the completion of their individualised product, and the sharing of their progress on their blogs.

The class was technology rich in both a digital sense, and the more traditional hand tools and machinery sense, as students had their hands on a wide range of tools and equipment. The engagement amongst the students was high as they focussed on their individual tasks.

Of special note was what educationists, in their jargon, call 'agency'. That is, the obvious management and control that students were exhibiting over their own learning.

These are all essential ingredients of any pathway towards creative excellence.

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  1. Another great blog Robin - thanks! You have made the link between effective pedagogy and the link to key skills and the key competencies in the NZC. I love the fact you have made this link in a workshop activity, sometimes we get bogged down in the traditional learning areas of numeracy and literacy. All of our learners are capable of success, our job as teachers is to unlock the door that leads to individual success. And as you have mentioned, when this happens, we are well on the way to developing agentic learners!