Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Learn Create Share .. the pathway to creative excellence

Our vision to be 'a centre of creative excellence' is pretty clear, and awareness of this is increasing in our community. Of course as I have now noted many times a vision is a statement of aspiration, of a desired future. It is meaningless unless we have clearly defined and measurable steps to take us along the path towards that vision.

Our strategic and annual goals shape that pathway, and the first of our strategic goals is "To provide future focussed individualised learning", and the first annual goal to direct our action is to "Embed the culturally responsive pedagogy ‘Learn Create Share’ to develop future focussed individualised learners".

As I am out and about in the school my 'personal radar' is finely tuned looking for signs that these goals are driving the learning that takes place in classrooms.

Today was a day marked with a couple of spontaneous and notable signs that we are moving along the right track.

The first occurred when one of our Year 8 teachers came in to my study proudly showing me this amazing brochure.

She handed it to me saying 'There you are, that's learn create share' right there". A group of Year 8 boys had designed and created this information brochure about the school. Their target audience was parents, and the sample was notable because it contained some very creative design elements, and it was thoughtfully executed with both the writing and the quality production.

I stumbled across the second example when popping into a classroom for quite a different purpose. I snuck in to avoid interrupting the teacher's flow, and there she was talking about 'Learn Create Share', with the words clearly displayed on the whiteboard.

 'Mighty oaks from little acorns grow'. (Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, 1374)

Learn Create Share is a vital part of our quest for creative excellence, a vital part of our strategy to accelerate learning for all learners.

Robin Sutton